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One of the smartest ways you can think to do with your garage is to convert your garage into a living space. Most of the homeowners have garages attached to their homes, making it easier for them to convert the garage into a more liveable space. You can make your garage a kitchen, a bedroom, a home office, or a living room. 

At times when the garage is very spacious, you can convert it into a new home that you can rent to get more money.  Your garage can be more functional when it is converted,   but you have to plan for the conversion. Planning helps you to make sure that your extension will function well as you wish. However, when planning to convert your garage into a living space, you have to consider the following factors.

The structure of your garage

The first thing you must consider when you are converting your garage into a living space is the garage’s structure. You have to be sure that the garage is safe and also structurally viable to be converted into a living space.  If it is not structurally viable, you have to ensure that you work on it before creating it into something new.


This is one of the essential things that you have to pay attention to when you have a new spacer out of your garage. You have to think about the type of walls that you will have to use for your living space before the conversion begins. Consequently, you need to find out whether the ceiling will have room for insulation and even the kind of insulation that would be best for you.  The types of insulation you could decide to have are regular insulation, batted insulation, and spray foam insulation. You have to ensure that you make a wise decision. 


The type of lighting that you will have after converting your garage is also another critical consideration to make. Most people do not pay attention to the light in their garages, so you need to think about it when you are converting your garage into any living spaces. Get a professional to work on the circuits, outlets, and wiring. 

Heating and AC

If your garage and your house are attached, you could consider using the heating and air conditioning system in your main residence. However, for this to be effective, you have to be using a more powerful air conditioning system.  If the air conditioning system is not powerful, you can use other artificial AC and heating options.


You have to build new walls in your garage before you convert it into a living space. The existing wall in your garage cannot be used in any of the rooms that you will be creating.  This is why the drywall must be there. If the garage is very big, you should also consider partitioning it to make more living spaces. 

Type of doors

The types of doors used in living spaces are very different from those used in garages. When you are converting a garage into a living area, you must ensure that you consider the door you will use in the living spaces you create. The place where you will place the door is also significant. It is always advisable to use regular doors on the created living spaces. This means that the garage door will be removed. 

 Converting garages into living spaces is very important. This is because it adds the value of your property as well as increases your living spaces. For this reason, if you have been thinking about it, you have made the right decision.