Spring Cleaning Maintenance For Your Garage


With the arrival of spring, you might’ve opened your garage to realize that this space has become a haven for overflow and unorganized storage — old boxes and toys, seasonal decor, home improvement tools, vehicle fluids, lawn and garden equipment and more. While cleaning and organizing may seem impossible, you can easily reclaim the space in only a day or weekend.

Start by establishing a clear objective or vision to reorganize your garage to fit your daily needs. For example, do you simply want more organized storage for tools and decor, or do want to repurpose the space into a workshop or hobby area?

Once you have your objective, start by sorting through all of the items currently stored in your garage and place them into three categories — keep, donate and toss. Get rid of any toys your children have outgrown or no longer use as well as broken items, expired chemicals and anything you haven’t used in the past two years.

Now that you’ve decluttered, you can begin simple cleaning and garage organization.


Once you’ve organized your garage clutter, you can clean the space to keep it attractive and safe — sweep up debris, hose the floor and scrub with a gentle cleanser. If you need to remove any grease, oil, paint or rust stains, use a natural or heartier cleaning chemical. 

To begin organizing your garage, measure the dimensions of the room — including the size and location of windows, doors and light switches — to help determine the type and size of storage best suited for the space. Also, record the area your car requires. For effective and proper organization, keep frequently used items, such as bicycles and trash or recycling bins, easily accessible. Also, categorize similar items like yard tools, seasonal decor or sporting equipment, so they stay together.

The next step is to decide on the best storage options and find a new place for everything:

  • After you’ve categorized the items you kept, determine where each category should be stored. Consider how often you use each item and the storage space available.
  • Use built-in cabinets and clear, modular storage versus cabinets with doors. With open shelving and clear bins, you can quickly scan the items stored in each space and be discouraged from hiding clutter behind shut doors.
  • For organizing tools, sports equipment and gardening tools, consider vertical storage like a wall-mounted pegboard or wire grid.
  • To utilize wasted ceiling space, install overhead garage shelves that are mounted to the ceiling for seldom-used items like camping gear and outdoor or holiday decorations.
  • Keep any items or storage units off of the floor to free up foot room and car space and avoid unsightly, disorganized piles.

After cleaning and organizing your garage, create a schedule to maintain your organization efforts and remember to promptly put away items after they’ve been used.


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Spring Cleaning Maintenance For Your Garage
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Spring Cleaning Maintenance For Your Garage
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