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A garage is a valuable space for storing some of your most important assets. When you live in an area that experiences harsh winters, you’ll want to ensure your garage stays as warm as possible. When you keep your garage warm, you’re able to extend the lifespan of your belongings — everything from cars to bikes and toys for the kids.

But where do you start with keeping your garage warm? Here’s a list of ideas for making sure your garage is warm and your belongings are well-cared-for this winter:

  • Add weather-stripping: When was the last time you looked at your garage door’s weather-stripping? Weather-stripping is often the first thing to start deteriorating — especially when you live in a climate with direct sun and hot summers or when you live somewhere that experiences cold winters and lots of snow and ice. These natural elements can wear away weather-stripping over time, which of course leads to a garage that won’t stay as warm during wintertime.
  • Insulate walls: You should treat your garage just like you treat the rest of your house: by insulating walls to ensure the space stays as climate-controlled as possible during the coldest months of the year. Also, don’t forget about other spaces where warm air can escape and cold air can sneak in. That includes your electrical outlets, which are easy to insulate. All you need is a few minutes and a small investment in materials.
  • Invest in a heater: One of the best things you can do in addition to insulation and weather-stripping is to add a heater to your garage. You can find small space heaters that deliver just enough warmth to keep your belongings in great shape throughout the coldest months of the year. A space heater can also help reduce your heating costs throughout the house, and your heater won’t have to work as hard to replace hot air that escapes into the garage.
  • Choose an insulated garage door: Perhaps the best thing you can do for your garage and its warmth throughout winter is to choose an insulated garage door. An insulated garage door is a valuable threshold against the cold outdoors when the days grow short and the weather gets frigid.

Garage Doors in Mesa, Arizona – Contact Us Today

Where can you find an insulated garage door for your Arizona home? At Stapley Action Garage Door, our garage door technicians help homeowners with garage door insulation that keeps their garages warm throughout the coldest months. Insulated garage doors are also more substantial, which can lead to greater durability. You’ll also find that they operate more quietly and deliver insulating benefits during the hottest months, too.

We are proud to serve homeowners throughout the Grand Canyon state. When you’re interested in insulating your garage for winter, contact us today or call us at 480-655-1255 for a huge selection of high-quality insulated garage door options.

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