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Happier Homes, One Garage Door at a Time

Each year we try giving back to the community with a free garage door and more

Giving Back to the Community

We work hard for our community and we always provide our clients with options to choose from so that they can decide on the best value to cost ratio for their home. We have amazingly loyal customers as a result and each year we try to find ways to give back to them through:

  • Random Upgrades
  • Discounted Repairs
  • Community Donations
  • Annual Garage Door Giveaway

Annual Garage Door Giveaway

Once a year we like to give away a door to someone in need. Customers are anonymously nominated and our staff chooses a winner from the list.

This winner in particular is getting a Gallery-style door. It’s a beautiful white 2″ thick door. It’s polyurethane filled for sound dampening and insulation. We replaced everything from the tracks and springs to the cables and garage door opener. This customer won’t be having any problems with their new door!

Community Donations

People often ask us what we do with their old garage door panels after we install their new doors… forts. We build AMAZING forts back at the yard. And while that’s not actually true, we do build doors for local fire departments to practice cutting through them. Which some people think is even cooler!

We’re proud to provide this service to the local fire departments and if you’re lucky, your old door might get cut apart by firefighters in a simulated fire rescue. Which is the best type of fire rescue to be directly involved in.