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Custom Steel Wrapped Clopay Doors in Scottsdale

Clopay, as a manufacturer, has a HUGE variety of beautiful garage door designs that can be customized to fit your garage, but sometimes we have customers who want something completely unique. In this particular case, our customer bought 3 garage doors and then had steel wrapped Clopay doors, with each panel wrapped in brushed blackened steel!



There are any number of garage door style options that this customer could have chosen and they would have loo... Read more

Things to Consider When Converting Your Garage into a Living Space

One of the smartest ways you can think to do with your garage is to convert your garage into a living space. Most of the homeowners have garages attached to their homes, making it easier for them to convert the garage into a more liveable space. You can make your garage a kitchen, a bedroom, a home office, or a living room.  At times when the garage is very spacious, you can convert it into a new home that you can rent to get more money.  Your garage can be more functional when it is converted,   but you have to plan for the conversion. Planning helps you to make sure that your extension will function well as you wish. However, when planning to convert your garage into a living space, you have to co... Read more

A Few Helpful Garage Door Security Tips for Every Home

It is important for people to take steps to keep their house secure. One of the most often overlooked security issues is the garage door. Fortunately, there are a few easy tips that people can follow to increase their garage door security. This can go a long way toward providing everyone with better peace of mind both while in and out of their house.

Take the Garage Door Remote Out of the Car

One of the first steps that people can take to secure the garage door is to take the remote out of the car. Yes, it is convenient to keep something in the car to open the door, but this also creates another security risk. First, the remote can fall out of the car where it might be picked up by someone else. Sec... Read more

We’re Still Working… Is Your Garage Door?

Are you ready to get that garage door repair or replacement off your "To-Do List"? We're here to help and our teams are SAFER THAN EVER!

Stay Safe with Stapley Action Garage Door

Our technicians will not only get your garage door working correctly, but they'll keep their distance and take safety precautions in order to keep your household safe.
  • "No Contact" Service calls to maintain social distancing
  • We provide our technicians hand-sanitizer and sanitizing wipes
  • Paperless transactions with email payments
  • Annual manufacturer-re... Read more

The Importance of Annual Garage Door Maintenance

A frequently overlooked part of your life, your garage door, is more significant than you think. Garage doors are a surprisingly heavy feature of a home, and they need consistent upkeep to remain a secure entry point and an instrument of ease. The system that makes these rolling doors so simple to lift suspends hundreds of pounds so you can access your garage for tools, storage or to park your vehicle. Just like your car, continual maintenance is not optional for garage doors if you want them to last and remain a useful feature of your home. Annual garage door checkups will inform and prepare you for any necessary repair... Read more

What’s The Difference Between Torsion & Extension Springs?

As a homeowner, you’ve probably never researched the parts of your garage door, but you’ve most likely heard of a garage door’s torsion or extension springs. These are two different types of springs that are responsible for managing your garage door’s counterbalance system. The counterbalance system uses force to offset the weight of the door, allowing it to safely and reliably raise and lower. To manage the counterweight, the system uses either a torsion or extension spring.

So if both springs perform the same function, what’s the difference?


While there are sever... Read more

Spring Cleaning Maintenance For Your Garage


With the arrival of spring, you might’ve opened your garage to realize that this space has become a haven for overflow and unorganized storage — old boxes and toys, seasonal decor, home improvement tools, vehicle fluids, lawn and garden equipment and more. While cleaning and organizing may seem impossible, you can easily reclaim the space in only a day or weekend.

Start by establishing a clear objective or vision to reorganize your garage to fit your daily needs. For example, do you simply want more organized storage for tools and decor, or do want to repurpose the space into a wor... Read more

Bring Curb Appeal To Your Home From Your Garage

You can instantly increase the value of your home by upgrading your old garage door. While homeowners often jump at the chance to makeover their kitchens and bathrooms, many are quick to forget one of the most important aspects of the home: curb appeal. Replacing your garage door gives the front of your home a facelift. Additionally, new garage doors can offer up to a 98 percent return on investment. front of home

How Garages Impact the Look of a House

Maximizing your garage door cur... Read more

Keeping Your Garage Warm For Winter

fire A garage is a valuable space for storing some of your most important assets. When you live in an area that experiences harsh winters, you’ll want to ensure your garage stays as warm as possible. When you keep your garage warm, you’re able to extend the lifespan of your belongings — everything from cars to bikes and toys for the kids. But where do you start with keeping your garage warm? Here’s a list of ideas for making sure your garage is warm and your belongings are well-cared-for this winter:
  • Add weather-stripping: When was the last time you looked at your garage door’s weather-stripping? Weather-stripping... Read more

Snow Removal Tips For Your Garage

snow Your garage door is so handy and so convenient — but it also represents an investment that should be protected and maximized. That's why you should be thinking about snow protection for your garage. When winter comes and the snow starts to pile up, it can have an adverse effect on your garage and its operation. So make sure you’re thinking through winter preparedness for your garage. Here’s a look at a few snow removal tips for garages to help you get started.

How Can Snow and Ice Damage Your Garage Door?

Keeping your garage safe from snow and ice is extremely important because of the damage that can occur if y... Read more


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