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Are Insulated Garage Doors Make Your Home More Energy Efficient?

Welcome to Arizona, it’s extremely hot here now, it’s basically 7 months of summer with heat that lasts from April through October. From September to March we call fall, and the temperature will finally fall below 90 degrees. That’s what we’ve signed up for, 2 seasons both of which are warmer or hotter than most of the rest of the country.

Our extreme heat can be just as damaging as extreme cold, to the contents of a garage, and a flimsy old garage door won’t do much to protect it.

Insulated garage doors can be a big help in Arizona. Firstly, an attached garage captures the outdoor heat or cold and stores it, passing it into and through the rest of your house. An energy-efficient home has a weak spot if the garage isn’t insulated or even if it is insulated if the garage doors aren’t protected.

Next, many people in Arizona make more use of their garages than just storing vehicles. If you plan on using your garage for a workshop, a man cave, or even converting it to additional living space, insulation will be vital to your comfort level.

In addition to that is the noise. An uninsulated garage door does little to prevent noise from traveling through from either direction. How would you like your new living space to echo with noise from the road? Or, if you want to keep a peaceful relationship with your neighbors, an insulated garage door can allow you to tinker in your garage or work with your power tools after dark.

Whatever you intend to do with your garage, a heavy, double-pained insulated door is a great upgrade for your comfort, not to mention your curb appeal. Premium garage doors are tougher, longer lasting, and more attractive than standard garage doors. However, the added weight and thickness mean that you will need to not only replace your doors but also your tracks, cables, springs, and possibly even your opener. At Stapley Action Garage Door, we can help you choose your new doors, accessories, and installation. We look forward to helping you customize your garage.