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Clopay, as a manufacturer, has a HUGE variety of beautiful garage door designs that can be customized to fit your garage, but sometimes we have customers who want something completely unique. In this particular case, our customer bought 3 garage doors and then had steel wrapped Clopay doors, with each panel wrapped in brushed blackened steel!



There are any number of garage door style options that this customer could have chosen and they would have looked great and been ready for installation several weeks earlier. That wasn’t the most important consideration for this custom home in Scottsdale. This beautiful home was completely customized, from its basement basketball court to the swimming pool on the balcony and it only made sense to continue that vision to the garage doors as well.

In order to achieve the intended look, we measured the insulated, heavy-duty doors, cut them to fit and then sent them to a steel shop to create steel wrapped Clopay doors, to the customer’s specifications. As you can imagine, wrapping each panel in steel made them very heavy! There was some concern that standard garage doors would not be able to withstand the extra weight, or that a normal motor would not be able to lift them. Neither of these were issues, however, because Clopay doors are made of premium parts and as for the weight, all we needed to do was use stronger springs and the motors worked perfectly.

The biggest considerations were in the installation, more than anything else. We needed to be sure that nothing damaged or marred the finish of these new custom panels. Because each was so long and heavy it took extra care from our installers to get them correctly installed. In the long run, it only took a few hours longer than it usually does to complete the installation of all 3 garage doors. By the time our team had finished the 1st, they had hit their stride and were quickly able to finish the other two.

If you’ve got an idea for your future garage doors, we can either help you find the perfect Clopay doors you need, or we’ll help you create the custom doors that you’re looking for.

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