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New Biltmore Home Garage Doors for a Whole New Look

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Stapley Action Garage Door is our customer’s satisfaction. This particular Biltmore homeowner originally called us a few years ago for a repair on their original gates and has trusted us with their gates, motors, and now their garage doors, because they know we’ll take care of them. It feels good to be featuring such a great customer and their beautiful home today, take a look at it in the link below:


This home is about 35-40 years old and though it was built well, really built to last in an amazing Scottsdale community, nothing makes a home look dated faster than an old garage door. Fortunately, it’s also a quick easy way to improve the curb appeal of an older home, whether the owner wants to keep a classic look or give it a modern spin. In this case, the family decided on classy white, window topped Clopay doors. 

It is sometimes possible to retrofit a new door with the existing springs and motor and even track if you basically recreate the previous doors, but it is at best a delaying tactic. 30-40 years of constant daily use puts a lot of stress on tracks, joints, springs, and motors. Keeping them under a few more years of stress with a new, possibly heavier door, is a recipe for trouble in the future. It’s a good idea to take the opportunity to:

  1. Improve your doors
  2. Replace your tracks
  3. Install new springs
  4. Upgrade your garage door openers

Improving Your Doors

As we mentioned before, the client took advantage of the need for new doors and decided to improve on what they already had. The new doors are defiantly heavier than the originals, with larger panels, but most of the added weight comes from the fact that they are sound-dampening. Insulated doors were a great choice for this family because they’ve got older kids with loud projects that the neighbors might not appreciate having broadcast across the neighborhood. Another reason is insulation. whether you are trying to climate control for our crazy desert heat most of the year or our occasional freezes in the winter, insulated garage doors can help keep your garage a reasonable temperature. That’s better for your cars, but also for your personal workshop. Whether they need to work in the middle of the day or the middle of the night, these customers know that they’ll be comfortable.

Replace Your Tracks

Tracks hold a lot of weight and are bolted in place, carefully. We’re not suggesting that they will fail under a little added weight, but decades of wear and tear will make them a bit rickety and loud. There will be added friction. There will be extra stress on your motors and all of these small problems will be a little annoying at worst. However, this is assuming that your doors are all exactly the same dimensions, which won’t be the case. Your new doors will not hinge in the exact same places and they will require a new frame, so just be prepared for that.

Install New Springs

Garage door springs are intensely strong, in fact, it is them and not the motors that hold the weight when the door goes up and down. It’s important that the springs are strong enough to handle the new doors. In spite of that, keep in mind that broken springs are the number one repair we make for people. Even if your new door is in the range that can be lifted by your springs, removing all of the tension from those old springs and then putting it back on could result in a catastrophic failure. Even if it doesn’t, it will only be a matter of time before you’re having our team back out to replace the springs for you.

Upgrade Your Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers from the ’90s are at best, out of date and struggling. Old garage door openers have loud motors that don’t get a lot of lubrication or attention of any kind and so if you’re replacing your doors and springs, it’s probably time to upgrade your garage door opener as well. New, energy-efficient, quiet, and high-tech options are ready to make your life quieter and easier. Want Amazon to be able to drop packages off in your garage? you can with the right garage door opener. 

Getting the right package for your home needs to be customized to your style and budget. Stapley Action Garage Door is here to help make it happen for you.

Give us a call today, we’ll keep your garage door running safely and smoothly.