Mr. Koch

“Called and was AMAZED at how fast and professional Mark was.”

Mr. Sartell

“Darius was very good, and polite!”

Mr. Blackmon

“Darius did an awesome job! I would highly recommend you!”


“David was very professional and thorough.”


“Mark is a Super Installer. He was totally organized and worked his butt off!”


“A special thank you to Darius. He was there and installed our door. He was a pleasure to deal with and a very hard worker!”

“We had the nicest experience with DARIUS! He did a nice job and you have a valuable employee!”


“I wanted to thank you and commend you for the great customer service you provide, which now is rare to find in many businesses. I originally came to work with you when I purchased my first garage doors through Home Depot, and Darius was the employee you sent to do the site inspection and install. Darius was very professional, knowledgeable, and diligent with his work, and I wanted to ensure he is recognized for this. After my accident with my garage, I had to purchase another door and asked that the job be assigned to your company again and that Darius be the installer. Once again the service was outstanding and your flexibility was greatly appreciated. Thank you and your employee Darius for the service you provided, and great job with install. I will definitely be recommending your business.”


“Thank you for your excellent service from start to finish. DARIUS did an excellent job and he is very pleasant to be around.”


“I am very pleased with the service provided from start to finish! Mark is a very professional young man and I  will recommend your service!”


“Rusty did a wonderful job! He was waiting for us, as we were running a little late, but Rusty was there and got the job done. We are very pleased!”

Ms. Maynard

“Called and said Isaac was very, very polite and efficient. Her service was super-duper and we always take great care of them!”

Mr. Montero

“Jose did an excellent job and his door runs much smoother, kudos to Jose!”

Mr. Hofmann

“Very pleased with the job Isaac performed he was very pleasant and knowledgeable and Mr. Hoffman appreciated it”

Ms. Chappelle

“Called to say she was very thankful for our service and will add us to her referral/ recommend list at her work!”

Mr. Lubeck

“Wanted to thank Laura for working so hard to get him taken care of the same day, and that Mark is a true professional who’s efficient, kind, and explained everything.”

Mr. Casby

“Bill did a great job and is a great asset to your company”

Mr. Mconnell

“When Isaac replaced my spring he was very thorough. He was awesome!”

Mr. Abraham

“Corey did a fine job and is very pleased and happy”

Mr. Wilson

“Corey did such a fine job installing his new openers he’s going to give our number to his neighbor who needs service.”

Ms. Bendeck

“Was blown away by Mark He explained and re-explained everthing so i now understands how my garage door works! I will tell everyone how good your company is and how much she loved Mark.”

Mr. Boss

“Corey did a hell of a job! He has a good personality, knew what he was doing, and even cleaned up after himself.”

Mr. Rooter Plumbing

“I’m very pleased with Isaac’s work. Everything is running great and looks perfect. The prices was right, and everyone was honest and fair. I will recommend others!”

Mr. Roth

“Jose is very, very knowledgeable and did very good work!”

Apartment Complex

“Corey did an excellent job and is very professional.”

Mr. LaCerenza

“Mark is a spectacular installer very knowledgeable, kind, and efficient. I will refer everyone to Stapley Action Garage Door.”

Mr. Stobinsky

“Mark did a fine job of installing my onsite Marantec opener! I will happily refer your company to others.”

Mr. Hind

“I would say on a scale of 1-10 I would give Brennen a 12.”

Ms. Shannon

“Corey is very nice and did a wonderful job. My door is so quite my dogs don’t hear me coming!”

Mr. Klein

“Thank you Stapley Action Garage Door. My experience from start to finish was great!”

Mr. Grossbacher

“John did a very nice job installing my door. He deserves a big thumbs up!”

Mr. Malchow

“John did a great job on their door install. He was quick and clean we're very happy!”

Mr. Galvin

“My door and opener install was painless and perfect. Thanks John! I’m very happy and will highly recommend Stapley, especially John.”

Ms. Ralph

“Thank you James. Garage door is working great! I appreciate your service.”

Ms. Kasakewitsch

“Susan was such a joy to talk to and made scheduling easier than expected.”

Mr. Royer

“Mark is awesome! It’s obvious he really cares about what he does and wants to do his best possible job. I was very impressed with his attention to detail. I will tell all my close friends how great a company Stapley is.”

Ms. Ghose

“Thanks Brittany for doing such a great job!”

Ms. Rich

“Thanks Corey for rewiring and replacing my sensors! My door works perfectly now.”

Mr. Daggett

“I very happy with the work Jose did for me. I had spring repaired and an opener installed. Jose was very professional and the door is very quiet.”

Mr. Gibbs

“Ethan did a great job! He was friendly, polite, cleanly dressed, and cleaned up when he was done. I will definitely continue to use Stapley.”

Mr. Martinez

“I was impressed with Jose’s work and his customer service skills. He is a great employee.”

Ms. Meeks

“Jose did a really good job! Jose is quick, efficient, and very nice. He also explained everything to me.”

Ms. Claeys

“Corey was wonderful he did a great job! He was polite, cleaned up after himself, and a very excellent young man. I couldn’t thank you enough.”

Mr. Forester

“Thanks Laura for helping me and getting someone to my house quickly.”


“Ethan did a great job! He was very friendly and courteous.”

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