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4 Custom Garage Doors and 1 Replacement for a New Build in Las Sendas, AZ.

At Stapley Action Garage Door we love working with custom homes, in Las Senda, AZ and we had the opportunity to help this customer twice! Here’s his story in his own words.

My name is Stoney White and I am a General Contractor who has had the fortunate opportunity to build his own home. 

So, this lifelong 20-year dream I’ve finally built my own home put in my brand new garage doors and 3 days after putting them in, drove my RV into the RV garage door. I smashed up the door and smashed up the RV and tore the AC unit right off the top of the RV.

The first thing I did was call Stapley Action Garage Door and they took care of everything. Within 30min one of their techs was at my home assessing the damages. They really lightened the mood and we got the panels off, bent back into shape and put back in place to button up the house until the replacement comes in. About 3 weeks later the panels came in, they were installed and the guys at Stapley Action Garage Door were great to work with. They were incredibly honest and fair and I was expecting a it to be much harder than it was. It was almost a pleasure, running through my own door, because of how well I was treated.

So, from the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you Stapley Action Garage Door for helping me out with my own house. You guys are awesome!