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Everything You Need to Know About Garage Door Repair & Insurance Companies

Garage-Door-Repair-Insurance Garage doors play an integral role in the security of your home. When a garage door gets damaged, it can leave your house vulnerable to break–ins, coldness and property damage due to weather exposure. However, when a garage door does get damaged, it's often wondered if the damage is covered by insurance and, if so, what policy, especially when there's a car involved. Consequently, Google is flanked with inquiries such as "will homeowners insurance cover broken garage door," "what to do when backed car into garage door," and "hit garage door with car insurance. Now what?" Truth is, the ... Read more

When a Garage Door System Needs to be Replaced

  If you have automatic garage doors in your home, you rarely think about them and the convenience they provide until they become noisy, damaged or stop working altogether. Knowing when to replace garage door openers can be tricky, as sometimes a simple repair might just fix the issue. However, some garage door problems require a replacement opener, door or both. Which is why we’ve outlined what issues are repairable and which will require replacement, to take the guesswork out of replacing versus repairing garage doors.  

When to Replace Garage Doors and Openers

While there may be times that a simple repair is all that’s needed... Read more

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Few home appliances get as much of a workout as your residential garage door and its opener. For many Americans, a garage door serves as a front door — the main entry for the entire family. Given how much your garage door is used, wouldn’t it be smart to proactively maintain it to enhance its performance and longevity? This is especially true in Arizona, where the dry climate can take a unique toll on garage doors and garage door openers. Follow these garage door maintenance tips for Arizona homeowners if you want to get the most from your investment:
  • Visual Inspection: Garage door maintenance doesn’t always mean turning to your toolbox. A monthly visual examination can go a long way toward preventing expensive repairs. Look at your garage door hardware,... Read more


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